Biometric Machines
Code No: SS 003
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Are you worrying about the attendance records for employees?This wonderful item will help you.This Fingerprint Time Attendance System perfect for use in offices or factories to monitor the in/out clocking of your employees. No more cards, no more paperwork, no more hassle! You can have your staff check in by means of fingerprint and password,while up to 800 memories and 100000 transaction records contained. It is easy for you to install the machine, so is to get information out of it, because USB cable and USB Flash Drive both supported.What you get from it is excel sheet, making it clear for you to see and analyze. Features: 1. Adopting the most advanced fingerprint algorithms, the identification ability to the fingerprint under the change of environment, climate and a finger injury, peeling fingerprint has significantly improved and can distinguish in one second under a full fingerprint state. 2.We are the first to use the intelligent sensor energy-saving fingerprint reader in the industry, along with the advanced power management features, can reduce the energy consumption effectively. 3.The fingerprints intelligent learning update function can implement registered for one time and use for a whole lifetime, that will relieve you from many troubles. 5.Support U disk to download attendance records and fingerprint data and other functions.The user's fingerprint can register in one machine register and share by a U disk, and no need to connect to a computer in real time.

  • Technical Specification ?
  • Finger print, USB
  • Fingerprint Capacity 1000
  • Records Capacity 500,000
  • Means of communication USB
  • Authentication Method Fingerprint/Password
  • Real Time Fingerprint Picture Display Available