Code No: SC-095
Rs. 20,999/-
  • Delivery in 2-3 business days
  • Real Time remote monitoring through WIFI by Point to Point or Network, support iPhone/iPad/Andriod Phones and Personal Computer
  • Continuous video recording, support 2GB and up to 32G microSD card
Al Point-to-Point Observation Setup Guide
WIFI Camera User Manual

Thank you for purchasing our WIFI DV Camera, please follow the quick setup guide to set up your camera properly.
Real Time remote monitoring through WIFI by Point to Point or Network, support iPhone/iPad/Andriod Phones and Personal Computer
Continuous video recording, support 2GB and up to 32G microSD card

System Description
1. Holding Hole 2. Power ON/OFF 3. Mode Function Button 4. Back Mount
5. MicroSD Card Slot 6. Mount Case 7. Mini USB(Battery Charging only) 8. Camera Head
9. Operation Button 10. Indication Light 11. Microphone  
Mounting Method:

Two Different Working Modes

a. Directly Point-to-Point real time monitoring through WIFI Simply connecting the MD99S camera with your smartphones/computers with WIFI, it's coverage can be up to 40m. (Real monitoring distance will be affected by environment.)
b. Remote Monitoring through Internet Remote monitoring the MD99S camera through the internet and you can access your MD99S camera wherever and whenever you want. (Data charge might be involved, please check with your internet providers.)

Operations Guide

a. Support all kinds of Laptop, notebook, desktop, smart books, Apple and Android Systems (Android 2.300 above)
b. Before monitoring start, please download and install the proper monitoring software for your PC or smartphones.

Software :

A. The smart mobile phone software is called RDM WiFiCam

i. Apple Series (including iPhone and iPad), it can download from App Store.

ii. Android Series (including all phones and Tablet PC), it can download from Google Play.

iii. Or download and install the program from the CD or scan the barcode in the Packing box for the link.

iv. After installation completed, dick the icon for setting up the connection and monitoring.

B. Computer software

Open the CD come with the packing and open the directory , make a copy and open the program directly from your computer.

MD99S and Smartphone Setup Guide

It on the WLAN in the smart phone and searching for "MD99S", double click to make connection to the "MD99S". It's default IP is and default password is 12345678. Open the monitoring software "VideoMonitor", the video will display automatically in Android System but Apple iPhone or iPad will need to add the MD99S manually before monitoring. Equipment name: custom byte, Device address:, Default password: 123456 Setup procedures are shown as below:

MD9SS and Computer WIFI Connection Setup Guide

Turn on the WLAN in the computer and searching for "MD99, double click to make connection with the "MOM" and enter the default password as -1234S678, After the connection genera., open the monitoring software and enter the default password "123456,

LED Lights Indication

Switch on the "MD9SS", the red LED light will stay light up and the blue LED light flashing in frequency of lsecond continuously. When it make connection to the Smart Phone or Personal Computer WiFi, the blue LED light will turn into quick flash and WWI monitoring can be started .

i. Light indication with or without rniscroSD Card
a. With microSD card, Red LED light stay on and blue LED light is flashing in a frequency of 3second. "Motion Detection Recording" will be started automatically and memory will be recycling. If you want to pause/stop the recording, press the Operation Button once, red and blue LED lights change to stay on. Restart recording, press the operation button once more. (USB cable connection between "MD.S" and computers provide battery recharging only and NOT data transfer/sharing. All the recorded files need to view or copy separately with microSD card reader.)
b. Without microSD card,
Red LED light stay on and blue LED light flashing in frequency of 1 second.

ii. Monitoring Modes Switching/Selection Function button at the lower end is local Point-to-Point monitoring mode and at the upper end is remote monitoring mode.

Video Ratio 4:3
Supporting System Windows and Mac 0510.4 or above
Power Supply DC-5V
Connector interface Mini 5Pin USB (For Battery Charging only)
Caution Micron, card cannot be removed during the machine turns on
Size 56mm x 22mm x 20mm

iii. Remarks:
a. Every time when you need to switch the rnode, you will need to turn off the machine. After switching, turn on again. Don't switch the mode without turn off the machine. It might damage the machine.
b. Don't insert the microSD card when the machine is working. Turn off to do it.
c. Machine support charging, recording and monitoring at the same time and the build-in battery can work for around 1 hour.

Product Specifications
Item Parameters
Model MD99S
Name WIFI/IP DV Camera
Video Format AVI
Video Encoding M- JPEG
Video Resolution 640*480 VGA (Recording)
Video Resolution 320*240 QVGA (Remote transferring)
Frame Rate 30fpst+lfps
CCO Chips 1/3" Colour CMOS
Antenna 2.4G 802.11n WIFI Antenna
Storage Support microSD, support up to 32G
Media Playing Main stream audio and video media playing software